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Ryan Carter


Ryan is a certified professional wetland scientist and an authorized gopher tortoise agent with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He has 20 years’ experience in the environmental field working with local, state and federal environmental regulatory offices. He is an advocate for his clients and tries to balance regulatory constraints with real world scenarios.

Lynne Carter
Lynne Carter


Lynne Carter manages the daily operations of Carter Environmental, including account management, marketing, and bookkeeping. Lynne has over 10 years in the Public Relations, Advertising and Publishing fields!

Mike Glover
Mike Glover


Mike is a University of Florida Alumni with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation specializing in land management. He is an authorized gopher tortoise agent with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and an aggressive client advocate.

Dave Jeff


David has a B.S. in environmental science and over 11+ years of experience in environmental permitting. He has worked in the public sector as a Regulatory Scientist with the Water Management District performing duties such as mitigation bank review, ERP review/compliance, formal wetland determinations, etc. and was also part of the agricultural assistance team. He has also previously worked in the private sector as a project manager performing local, state and federal permitting. He brings a unique blend of public and private sector insight helping Carter Environmental’s clients achieve their goals while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Tyler Mosteller
Tyler Mosteller


Tyler graduated from University of Florida with a Degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and has worked with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and most recently with the St. Johns River Water Management District as a Land Management Specialist, managing 40,000+ acres in northeast Florida. Tyler’s areas of expertise are; Prescribed Burning, Habitat Management, Game Species Management and Management Plans and Silvicultural Operations and Forest Stewardship.

Michael Spontak

Michael has a BS from University of Central Florida and a Master’s from UC Santa Barbara in Environmental Science and Management. His specialty is in Geographic Information Systems, Ecology and Hydrology. He has previously worked in private, public and nonprofit sectors performing water quality monitoring, biological sampling and environmental modeling.

Dennis Pritchard
Dennis Pritchard


Dennis graduated from Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont with a BS in Environmental Science, concentration in Biology. He is an essential part of the CES team, working in the field on a daily basis performing monitoring, planting and exotic species removal.